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Defects Of Vision

Yeast Infection No More Review By Linda Allen

Defects Of Vision

A long list of defects of vision that afflict people at different stages of their lives, but the most prevalent are short-sighted, any child's inability to perfect vision up close, on the contrary, the length of the sight, the problem is more likely to occur with the progress of human life, and infections, especially viral and allergies related to the disease, the body retina, diabetes and cataracts that increase the rate of when the injury the patient with diabetes.
While impaired vision multiple, and some related diseases are known, while returning the other to genetic reasons difficult to predict in advance access, but check with your doctor on a regular basis and the adoption of the periodic inspection of the state of sight they can reduce the risks that may affect this sensitive part. and the family played a major role in protecting children from the risk of eye injuries, especially to children up to the age of advanced they cannot realize the risks of playing in the sharp objects and unequivocal, has been inflicting their eyes, particularly the cornea, damage may not be able to deal with it surgically.

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Recorded emergency clinics a lot of cases the risk of our children and the health of their eyes is well known that the cornea is the window of the eye front transparent implemented through the light into the eye to see clearly, and could lead injury corneal incidents or contagious diseases or medical conditions and genetic, to or distorted or the appearance of scars on them, and among incidents received by emergency clinics, injuring the eyes of children objects sharp, such as knives, pencils and household chemicals and spray hot oil from the kitchen. Deteriorating health of the cornea when her infection, whether bacterial or fungal or viral infections.
Upon infection viral, such as measles or fever parotid and cold, baptizing doctor to follow any side effects up to the optic nerve is responsible for the transfer of images you see the eyes to the brain in the form of electrical impulses, and when an injury of this kind, to swell the tissues of the nerve, and going on nerve fibers defect in the nature of their work, and should be checked If the patient complained nerve blurred vision in one eye suddenly. A type of glaucoma "blue water", affecting children as a form of birth defects.
Because of this problem brings the level of pressure in the eye, and can lead to damage to the optic nerve, which could threaten the loss of the ability to vision gradually, and symptoms that can be observed on the child, the abundance of tears from the eyes, and increase the diameter. , and when you are sure of a child congenital, should speed up the treatment to protect the optic nerve, and protect the eyes from getting lazy.

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Eyes preterm the high level of health therapy for premature babies (born before the completion of the duration of pregnancy) or underweight, has led to the need for quantities of stimulating oxygen, which may lead to incidence of growth of abnormal blood vessels of the retina. says Dr. Victor Saladin, a specialist (a) Ophthalmology, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons eyes (London), this abnormal growth has balls of bleeding retina or the vitreous body, may also lead to cases late to schizophrenia retina, and this may lead to the loss of vision in one or both eyes. Said:
"That's inevitable follow-up baby according to a specific timetable during which the expansion of pupil eyes and see the retina known to influence early on, and when you get to know any impressive start to the emergence of new blood vessels is the treatment of the retina by laser, as it is in advanced cases and rare may be required surgical intervention in order to correct schizophrenia retina, and we can say that careful follow-up and early treatment is the key to success, though the vast majority of cases, do not need any kind of treatment. "


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