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Divided Imbalances Immune To The Three Main Types Are

Yeast Infection No More Review By Linda Allen

Divided Imbalances Immune To The Three Main Types Are

1) HIV and lead to injury much of diseases microbial
2) The second type is excessive immune system and lead to diseases, asthma and allergies
3) The third type is an autoimmune disease and lead to diseases Rheumatic and systemic lupus erythematous and recurrent miscarriage. Is science to ways to prevent allergies in children?
The tremendous development of immunology has undoubtedly among the main reasons for the occurrence of allergic diseases, including two main reasons. click hereĀ  http://www.yeastinfectionnomoreview.com/

The first reason is genetic susceptibility and transmission of genes that cause allergic reactions from parents to offspring. And for this reason cannot be avoided as we do not choose our fathers nor mothers. Another reason for the occurrence of allergic diseases is a purely physiological reason. It has been scientifically proven that there are two programs for immunity: the first is Th1, and the second is Th2.
The program of Th2 immune system is prevalent in the body of the fetus and helps to protect the fetus from antibodies while in the womb. And after childbirth are physiological factors present in breast milk to help transform the program from the Th2 immune to Th1.
This happens directly to the presence of breast milk in the intestines of the child, as well as indirectly through the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. , and the mother's milk is to encourage these beneficial bacteria to grow. Therefore, breastfeeding full or partial help undoubtedly reduce the risk of disease asthma and allergies.consider this contact http://www.yeastinfectionnomoreview.com/contact/

What is the theory of hygiene Theory?
Theory is funny but it is true and summarized by noting scientists that allergies and asthma are spread in communities civilized and industrialized than in rural communities and desert. Exposure to a sterile environment and a few microbes delay the transformation of the program Th2 to Th1 in children and this leads to increased risk of allergies and asthma. What the reasons for the large number of diseases when entering the child to school?


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