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Illness Clinical Features Signs And Symptoms

Yeast Infection No More Review By Linda Allen

Illness Clinical Features Signs And Symptoms

) Erythema marginal Erythema you see when 5% of patients with RF and is a red rash macular non-itchy with the Centers pale and ocean rounded serpentine seen mainly torso and the roots of the parties, do not show the face and may incite heat (hot air increases).
2) nodules under the skin Subcutaneous Rheumatic Nodules seen at 2-3% of patients with RF, and is painless nodules harsh measure moving from 0.5 to 2 cm and often appear in patients who have inflammation of the heart and be on the extensor surfaces of the joints (annex, knee, wrist occipital).  For More, Click: http://www.yeastinfectionnomoreview.com/
3) Clinical findings of fever (high body temperature), abdominal pain, loss of appetite and joint pain.
Diagnosis is based on the standards of Jones 1944 and amended in after the standards and consist of major and minor criteria
1) Standards major inflammation of the heart Pan. Arthritis. Disease dance Chorea. Erythema marginal Erythema.
Nodules under the skin Rheumatic Subcutaneous Nodules.
2) Standards Minor clinical
- Arthralgia.
- Fever (high temperature). Laboratory - high acute phase reactions, a rapid deposition of blood ESR and C-reactive protein CRP.
- He jumped a distance of PR on the EKG (ECG) ECG. Likelihood of diagnosis is the presence of two major criteria.
Or standard criteria with a large small. and Both with and there is evidence of sepsis (infection) prior streptococcal hemolytic group A GAS proved positively cultivation swab the throat Swab Culture or test antigens streptococci fast or high titer antibodies streptococci in the blood (antibodies to the bacteria in the blood), such as the analysis of Anti-Streptomycin O (ASOT) and analysis Anti DNA are B Antibodies. check this link http://www.yeastinfectionnomoreview.com/contact/
Treatment must accept a patient at the hospital with complete comfort and allows him to work (or activity) when you return reactions acute phase to normal.  about us here
All patients is to give them penicillin for ten days, and in case the presence of penicillin-allergic when the patient is given Erythromycin. patients with injury mild heart attack or without inflammation of the heart, the treatment is (Aspirin), and the dose will be 100 mg per kg per day divided into 4-5 doses and treatment lasts for a month. patients with injury attack mission (pericarditis, conduction or congestive heart failure Congestive Heart failure), here the patient is given a dose of steroids 1-2 mg per kg per day, and continue treatment for 2-3 months and reduce the dose gradually.


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